Seamless Floors

Resina Materia

MATERIA is a one-component, waterborne resin for floors, walls and furniture, able to combine in one solution, very high technical performances
and esthetic varieties, for a unique and unforgettable experience, in only 2mm of
thickness. The best solution for new surfaces or for renovations. It also offers resistance to scratches.

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The resin NATURAL G40 is a powder resin. Thanks to its particular chemical composition based on microspheres of resin, natural quarry quartz and a percentage of cement, is the best solution to create floors and walls with natural concrete effect with a very high scratch resistance with maximum 3mm of thikness.

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Pastellone is a powder coating based on alluvial sands, minerals and natural earth, characterized by palpable colors and soft and delicate textures, combined with slight rounded reliefs. It joins 17 different Natural Lands which determine the shades. In just 2 mm thick, it embraces the heart of technology and research, maintaining the minimal effect thanks to its natural formulation.

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