ICA Metallics

The satin-finish metals of the Urban Matter range are characterized by their high opacity and are offered in five different versions: “lead”, “gold”, “steel”, “bronze” and “copper”.

The coating cycle (on MDF panels or melamine paper) combines the use of a gloss base with a bicomponent water-based coating with satin-finish metal effect, which is then protected with a matte acrylic transparent top coat. The slight scratching of the surface, coupled with the application of an aging patina, creates dynamism and unique, highly appealing shades.

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Elekta Metallics

Pure micronized metals mixed with resin
Tactile effect of real metal
It is applied with a steel trowel
Final treatment with abrasive paper to obtain opaque or polished surfaces with polish and to obtain mirror surfaces
Suitable for any type of support, for vertical or horizontal surfaces
1mm thick

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