The resin NATURAL G40 is a powder resin. Thanks to its particular chemical composition based on microspheres of resin, natural quarry quartz and a percentage of cement, is the best solution to create floors and walls with natural concrete effect with a very high scratch resistance with maximum 3mm of thikness.

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Elekta Metallics

Target centered! Transforming the walls into a contemporary work of art with a unique and overwhelming expressive force , drawing on an elegant timeless vintage style.the Shabby Chic coating based on natural fillers and cement allows to customize the anonymous walls, enhancing them thanks to the skilful mix of soft and natural shades that intertwine a harmonious and impalpable play of geometric textures and graphics with a refined final effect … artistically imperfect! A delicate imperfection with a strong aesthetic impactwhich gives the rooms a relaxing atmosphere with a retro character , with British references and a Provençal flavo

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This is the best technique for application on vertical surfaces. It is a ecological and water based application cycle with a huge range of colours for selection.

The declinations of this new collection are really a lot, thanks to the special tools that allow to reach incredible decorative effects. Timbroni with 12 different subjects, Vintage Rolls with 9 drawings, refined Pizzi that create real art works.

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